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Common areas of Markley Farms (Pool, Tennis Courts) should be viewed as recreational sites only. These sites should be kept free of signs for political, civic or other promotional purposes.


Pool keys will come on a ring as well as a color coded key card. Each year we will issue a new color card to accompany your common area key. This season we will be using a red colored Markley Farm key card. On the back of your keycard, your individual lot number will be recorded for identification purposes. You will be required to have your identifying key and card with you at all times while using the Markley Farm common areas. You may be asked to show identification while using the common areas. The Markley Farm common areas are to be used by current Markley Farm residents and their accompanied guests only.

The new keys will be impossible to duplicate. There will be a charge for lost keys. If you have lost or misplaced your pool and tennis court keys, email realestatemanager@markleyfarm.org for a replacement. There will be a $25 charge.

Please help us in securing the common areas of Markley Farm. If you see illegal activity or people trespassing, please notify us at realestatemanager@markleyfarm.org and board@markleyfarm.org.

Please read and observe the rules at all times.

Pool Rules and General Reminders

  2. Before you leave the pool area, please pick up all trash and place it in the containers provided.
  3. Pool hours are 9:00 am until Dusk.
  4. Use of the pool by any person is at their own risk. Management is not liable for claims arising from the use of pool by residents, their family, or guests.
  5. The pool and tennis courts are for Markley Farm homeowners and their accompanied guests only. Homeowner must remain in the pool area with their guests at all times. The homeowner is responsible for the conduct of guests.
  6. Key is required for entry and exit from pool at all times. Please bring your key and keep the gate closed at all times. Key must not be duplicated. Gate must remain closed at all times to comply with health and safety regulations. DO NOT PROP GATE OPEN.
  7. This is a no smoking facility - we appreciate your cooperation.
  8. Children under 14 years of age must be supervised by a responsible adult. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILDREN TO POOL UNSUPERVISED.
  9. No pets in pool area at any time.
  10. No climbing or sitting on pool fences.
  11. Glass containers are prohibited in the pool area.
  12. Children wearing diapers are not permitted into either pool. "Swimmies," disposable swim diapers are the suggested alternative. Fecal contamination will cause the pool to close while water treatment is conducted.
  13. Do not introduce coins, gum, balloons, hairpins, or similar small objects into the pool as they can cause serious damage to the filter system and have led to expensive repairs in the past.
  14. No running, cannon balling, or rough horse playing allowed in or around the pool area. The pool is too shallow to permit diving. No rafts, inner tubes or other large floatation objects are allowed in pool during peak activity hours.
  15. There are portable charcoal grills and a gas grill available for your use. If planning on using the gas grill you must provide your own gas tank, or charcoal for the grill. Hot coals cannot be emptied into the trash containers; each user must empty the ashes of the previous user.
  16. Pool furniture is expensive to replace and repair. Please do not allow children to misuse the furniture.
  17. Please keep furniture out of the Kiddie pool. The chlorine badly deteriorates the furniture and the furniture badly scratches the bottom surface of the pool.
  18. Pool Telephone - a phone for local calls is available at the pool. Please limit calls to brief usage in case of emergency.
  19. Pool Parties - To reserve the shelter or swimming pool for parties, go to www.markleyfarm.com. Under the contact tab, click "Pool Reservations" and send an email to the Real Estate Manager. It is the homeowner's responsibility to clean up the pool area at the end of the party.
  20. The swimming pool and tennis parking lots are to be used for parking cars, only when using the pool or court facilities.

It is the responsibility of every homeowner who witnesses violations of pool rules to intercede. If such intercession is unsuccessful in correcting the problem, please advise a board member by telephone or email at board@markleyfarm.com. This will reduce the potential injury and liability while keeping the pools safe and more enjoyable for everyone!

Please remember that safe operation of the pool and the surrounding area is for your benefit and is the responsibility of all Markley Farm homeowners. Your attention and compliance is greatly appreciated.